TWIST Short Combo Packs

$18.00 - $28.00

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ChiaoGoo TWIST Short Combo Packs are ideal for knitting sleeves and other items with small circumferences. With flexible cables, smooth joins, and precision tips, these needle packs make for speedier, more comfortable knitting.

Each Combo Pack contains one pair of 2” and one pair of 3” tips in the same size, as well as two cables, allowing knitters to make 9” and 12” circulars. The tips are stainless steel with a satin-sheen finish and the cables are memory free, multi-stranded steel coated with red or blue nylon.

Sizes US 1 - 3 (2.25 - 3.25 mm) have a mini size join and red cables.

Sizes US 4 - 8 (3.5 - 5 mm) have a small size join and blue cables.