ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Needle Accessories

$1.75 - $5.50

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These accessories come with ChiaoGoo interchangeables, but sometimes you need extras or replacements for the ones your couch swallowed!

Cord Connectors: These pieces allow you to join two or more interchangeable cables together. Be sure to choose the connector for your particular cable size: Mini, Small, or Large.

End Stoppers: Black, white, or red rectangular-shaped resin pieces screw into your cable ends to hold a current project while using the tips for another project. White [S] end stoppers fit onto all [S] coded cables. Black [L] end stoppers fit onto all [L] coded cables. Red end stoppers fit onto all MINI TWIST cables.

Keys: When screwing in your tips, connectors, or stoppers, insert the tightening key into the lifeline hole found on each metal join at the ends of your cables, connectors, or stoppers. Simply use the key as a handle to help you grasp and tighten the screw connection. Use the key EVERY time you attach or disconnect your tips to a cable. Available in TWIST size, which fits Small and Large interchangeables, and Mini size.