Our first mission is to make our customers happy.

We will do our best to do that while keeping the shop up to date and running smoothly for your convenience.


Customer Responsibility 

In order to process any return or exchange, we need a way to track the sale of the item. This may be accomplished in one of two ways: 1) the customer must provide the receipt (print or electronic) when returning an item, or 2) the customer must let us link their name to the receipt in our system at the time of purchase so we can look it up for a return. 

If, at the time of purchase, you allow us to record your name, we can create a history of your purchases and the corresponding sales receipts. This enables us to look back and find a receipt if you have misplaced yours, so that we can process a return or exchange. We do not share a customer’s purchase history with any third party; we only use it to assist you regarding your past purchases. If a customer chooses to share contact information, such as an email address or phone number, we will not share that information either.  We can use your email to deliver our email newsletter, but only if you give us permission to do so.

Any yarn, knitting needles, or crochet hooks that are to be returned or exchanged must have our price tag attached to the packaging. All other items are final sale, unless there is a manufacturer's defect.


Yarn, Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Returns

Yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks purchased in our physical store may be returned for a store credit within 14 days of purchase, assuming all the following conditions are met:

  • We still carry the item.
  • The item was not purchased as part of our semi-annual clearance sale, a special promotion, or as part of a kit or special order. 
  • The item is returned in new, odor-free, re-sellable condition.
  • The item must be in its original packaging, which should include a price tag from our store.

Interchangeable knitting needle sets or accessories and crochet hook sets are not returnable or exchangeable.

Store credit from returns can be used only for merchandise, not services. 



No item will be held for a customer unless it has been purchased. Purchases may be made over the phone or on our website for store pickup. Items will be held in our pickup area.


Manufacturer's Defect

Any item found to have a manufacturer’s defect will be replaced in kind or with a suitable substitution. Certain more expensive or handmade items will need to be replaced by the manufacturer, and there may be a wait time. Customers will have to contact the owner about these issues.


Return of Online Purchases

To return items purchased through our online store, you must call the store to get approval and instructions for returning the items. If your return is approved, you will be responsible for return shipping charges (unless the item is found to have a manufacturer's defect). Refunds will not be issued until the items are received and verified to be in re-sellable condition. All other return criteria applies -- please see above.


Classes and Lessons

If a class is postponed by the shop due to weather, an attempt will be made to reschedule. If the class is rescheduled and the student cannot attend that date, they will be given a store credit to be used for a future class (not merchandise).

If a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, tuition will be refunded.

If a student does not attend a class for which they have registered, they forfeit the cost of the class.

If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, they will contact the store owner.  Please keep in mind that consideration will be made to the instructor of the class who has spend time and money in preparation for presenting the class.  Rarely will we be able to issue a refund.

If a student misses a lesson, they forfeit the cost of the lesson. In order to reschedule, another lesson will need to be purchased.

If a student notifies us 24 hours before the scheduled lesson that they cannot make the appointment, we will simply reschedule.


Exceptions and Special Cases

We understand that things can happen that are outside of your or our control.  If you would like to speak to us about an exception to our policies or some other special arrangement, please contact the store owner through our email address  We do want you to have a good experience with our store.  Ask if we can help.  Maybe we can!