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The brioche stitch creates a cushy fabric that we just want to wrap around ourselves! In this in-person knitting class, learn the basics of the brioche stitch and then cement those new skills as you work through Drea Renee Knits' Briochealicious Shawl.

Skills Needed For Class:
Comfort with basic knitting skills and pattern reading.
A materials list will be provided upon registration. Students must purchase the Briochealicious shawl pattern for this class. Materials must be purchased prior to scheduling session 1.
Sessions one and two are one-and-a-half hours long and session three is one hour long. Once the class is purchased, we will email you to schedule your sessions.
Homework should be completed before scheduling session 1.
We are currently offering this class one-on-one. If you would like to work with a friend, we can accommodate that as well!
Classes are held in person, wearing masks, working side by side:
Students should understand that social distancing is not possible.
Materials Purchase:
We appreciate if you purchase your materials at The Endless Skein. If this presents a hardship for you please let us know, we can help.