Ready Set Raglan


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Ready Set Raglan: Pullover Patterns for Every Knitter explores the classic sweater construction of raglan design. As a follow up to Knit How, this book takes the straightforward template of a raglan-sleeved pullover and walks you through all the ways to truly make it your own. Ready Set Raglan offers blueprints for eight distinct raglan sweaters and walks you through customizing each with options for perfect-for-you necklines, hemlines, sleeves, stitch textures, and fancy raglan increases, in addition to some clever tips on how to create jaw-dropping color combinations.

Each project in Ready Set Raglan is designed to empower less-experienced knitters eager to improve their customization skills, but also to provide a collection of staple pieces in stressless shapes for advanced knitters to fly through. And for the truly adventurous, there is even the possibility of designing your own raglan!