Philipstown Food Pantry Nourishes Our Community

Philipstown Food Pantry Nourishes Our Community

Posted by Cindy on Oct 6th 2023

Bounty of fresh vegetables at the Philipstown Food PantryWe are delighted to announce that the Philipstown Food Pantry will be the beneficiary of our Fall 2023 Giving Project. Now through the end of 2023, when you purchase yarn at The Endless Skein to knit or crochet any of our 6 Fall Giving projects, the Philipstown Food Pantry will receive a portion of the proceeds.

We recently caught up with Maria Helbock, Food Pantry Coordinator, to learn more about our local food pantry and the work they do.

How and when did the Philipstown Food Pantry get started?

The food pantry started over 30 years ago, with a few non-perishable items on the Pastor's porch.

How has it changed over the years?

From a few cans on the porch, to the social hall of the First Presbyterian Church, the Food Pantry expanded due to the need of the community. We were able to do so through donations from local farmers and businesses, and our community that enabled us to provide healthy food for our patrons.

Baskets of fresh produce on tables at the Philipstown Food Pantry

How many families are served each week?

In 2018 we were serving an average of 11 households per week. Since then the need has grown to an average of 60 households a week.

What is something that might surprise people about the Philipstown Food Pantry?

We have an abundance of fresh produce weekly, not just during the summer months. We are a “shop” for what you need, not pre-boxed. We also deliver to the homebound.

Fresh greens in baskets at the Philipstown Food Pantry

What’s the biggest challenge right now?

Getting the word out there that there is still a significant need, and we anticipate that the need will grow, and there will always be a need to service the community members with healthy food.

What are some ways people can help?

  • Donate non-perishable items. There is a list on our Facebook page from our food drives that also includes other everyday essential items, such as toiletries, cleaning, and laundry supplies.
  • Volunteer to help with our setup on Fridays and/or our distribution on Saturdays.
  • Follow the Philipstown Food Pantry on Facebook. We post special drives, such as school supplies, holiday items, and other extra support needed.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

We currently have a great team of dedicated volunteers, and we are always looking for new volunteers to do various pick-ups, deliveries, and shopping as needed.

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