Cold Spring Tempestry Collection

The Endless Skein is planning an exciting village-wide project for the 2023 Cold Spring In Bloom festivities – and we need volunteers to join in. This collaborative fiber art exhibition will tie in with Earth Day and also celebrate the history of our village.


Local volunteers will participate in the worldwide Tempestry Project, creating a collection of hand-knitted (or crocheted) wall hangings that will depict Hudson Valley climate data in a tangible, visual form. Each temperature tapestry, or ‘Tempestry,’ documents a year’s daily local temperatures; the color of each row of knitting communicates how hot or cold a given day was. Our local collection will span the decades from 1900 to the present, pairing each Tempestry with a piece of local history.


The Endless Skein is looking for volunteers to create 30 to 50 Tempestries. The plan is to display them individually in storefronts, culminating in an exhibition of the entire collection at the Putnam History Museum.   When Tempestries for a single location over a period of time are grouped together, shifts in climate become very striking, as you can see in the photo above.


Shown in the photo is the San Juan County Textile Guild's San Juan, WA Tempestry Collection, exhibited at the San Juan Island Museum of Art, on Friday Harbor, WA.


To sign up to participate in the Cold Spring Tempestry Collection, or for more details, stop by the store or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?

A: Once you have decided to participate in the project, we will assign you a year and send you a link to purchase your kit from The Tempestry Project. Each kit includes individually-wound bobbins of Tempestry yarn (100% wool, made in the US) calculated to match the number of days in each temperature range for your selected year, a Tempestry color card, the pattern/guidelines, and a worksheet containing all the data for your year, wrapped in an organza gift bag.


Q: What skills do I need?

A: Both the knit and crochet patterns are appropriate for beginners. For uniformity, Tempestries will be knit in linen stitch or crocheted in crocheted linen stitch. We will be offering a free help session to participants in the Cold Spring Tempestry Collection.

Q: How big is a Tempestry?

A: Knit Tempestries are 10-12” wide and about 4’ long. Crocheted Tempestries can end up being close to twice that length.


Q: Can I choose a year that is meaningful to me?

A: We are assigning years to participants, in order to get a good representation of years that correspond to events in local history.


Q: How much do kits cost?

A: The Tempestry Project is offering a 10% discount to Cold Spring Tempestry Collection participants. With the discount, kits cost around $85. (The price varies depending on which options you choose.)


Q: What are my delivery options?

A: When you purchase a kit, you can choose to have it delivered to The Endless Skein with no shipping charge. If you live far from our store, we will ship to your home.


Q: I don't knit or crochet. How can I get involved in this project?

A: You can sponsor a Tempestry for the Cold Spring Tempestry Collection! Many knitters and crocheters are interested in creating a Tempestry but are not able to purchase a kit at this time. If you would like to sponsor one or more kits to support this collaborative fiber art project, please email us at


Q: What is the timeframe for completion?

A: We aim to have the collection ready by March 1st, 2023.