Let's Cast On!

Let's Cast On!

Posted by Sue on Aug 18th 2021

"You never know when you start a project just how good it can be."

--- actress/activist Jenifer Lewis

They say it’s a good idea, occasionally, to get out of your comfort zone. Our new website is the total work of many hands, and all of us who’ve worked on the site have, at times, left our comfort zone completely behind.

The intention of our website is to provide you with the resources and support to make your crafting more enjoyable and successful. Whether you are looking for materials to start a new project, inspiration for your next cast-on, or tips on how to best care for a finished project, we hope that this site will provide you with what you need.

This site is just a starting point for us. We hope to continue to add even more information and lots of new products so that you may continue your journey alongside us and find even more joy in your craft.

As an example of the content that we would like to add in the future for your fiber crafting education, we decided to begin where all projects do: at the beginning. As any knitted project starts with a cast-on, we thought we’d feature a favorite of many knitters:  The Long Tail Cast-On.