Rhinebeck Sweater KAL 2023 Dye Workshop


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Time to prepare for festival season with our Rhinebeck Sweater KAL.  We will work through the summer months and try to be ready to show off our best efforts at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival...or maybe just at The Endless Skein!

There is a choice of three sweaters for our Rhinebeck Sweater KAL:

1. The Arboreal Pullover by Jennifer Steingass

2. The Forestland Pullover also by Jennifer Steingass

3. For our crocheters: the Devana Sweater by Courtney A. Clark

A Sweater Workshop will be held on July 15 from 10-1. This optional class is for those Rhinebeck KAL participants who want some support and advice as they begin their project.

Cost for sweater workshop is $50.

Work on the sweater will continue at our weekly Open Crafting Sessions each Wednesday from 1:30-3:00 and Saturdays from 3:00-4:30.  Join us a every session or once in a while to check in with progress and to get some help and encouragement!