Pom Pom Quarterly


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Pom Pom Quarterly is a collectable publication based out of London. Each issue is curated for curious and creative types who like knit and crochet patterns with a modern aesthetic, great photography and engaging writing. Contents often include interesting articles about craftspeople, music, fashion, art, food, and just generally making the world a little more beautiful with the things that we can make!

Summer 2021, Issue 37 of Pom Pom Quarterly takes an avian inspiration – birds! You’ll find imaginative and dynamic knit and crochet patterns inspired by every aspect of these animals; from the shape of their footprints in snow, to the formations they make in the sky. Plus, a nostalgic recipe for “Feather Bread”, an insightful musing on bird and human adaptation, and a tutorial on how to make colorful chains for glasses and cameras.

Autumn 2021, Issue 38 of Pom Pom Quarterly celebrates the trees: roots, branches, and everything in-between! You’ll find clever and engaging knit and crochet patterns with cable details that mimic a labyrinth of roots, colorwork inspired by an enchanted forest, and oh-so-much more. Burrow further into this issue for an introduction to “Hoodoo” (African American rootwork), a valuable discourse on pollution in the textile industry, a cozy recipe for ginger pudding, and a tutorial on how to make charcoal and ink from plant material.