High Priestess Shawl Kit


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High Priestess is an easy, breezy shawl inspired by the beautiful colorway of the same name by Less Traveled Yarn. This pattern is meant to be accessible to all levels. For beginners, if you can do basic increases, you can make it! For more advanced knitters, it’s a relaxing knit for you to play around with different combinations of yarn and mellow out while working up some simple stitches. And instead of counting out stitches for each section, it’s a measure-as-you-go deal - no continuous counting across hundreds of stitches for this piece! The selection of colors for these kits were curated by the designer.

This kit includes 3 skeins of Less Traveled Yarn S'Mohair, plus Maya Gooding's High Priestess shawl knitting pattern.

Please keep in mind that product colors may appear differently on your screen than they do in real life.

Yarn Used:
3 Skeins Less Traveled Yarn S'Mohair
Recommended Needle Size:
40 inch or longer circular needles in US 6 (4mm)
Shawl Size:
Length 58 Inches, Width 69 Inches, Depth 47 Inches
Sample Shown In:
Less Traveled Yarn S'Mohair High Priestess
Kit 1:
Less Traveled Yarn S'Mohair in High Priestess
Kit 2:
Less Traveled Yarn S'Mohair in Opera Cake
Kit 3:
Kit 4:
Kit 5:
Project Care:
We always recommend hand washing your work. For more care information check your yarn label.
Kit Includes:
Yarn and pattern, not needles
Kit Returns:
Kits and their components are not returnable or exchangeable.